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About Us

WFS was established to meet the needs of the Qatari markets following the great growth of the country in several areas.  The most important is the real estate market and its future vision in the development of this important sector, which greatly affects the economy of the country.
From this perspective, WFS also participates in the growth of this important sector by providing a full range of services such as Soft Services, Hard Services, Support Services, Building Maintenance, Security, Catering and Landscaping Maintenance to meet the needs of individuals and commercial services and contribute to our role in highlighting the cultural appearance of the state and its development.
WFS is committed to providing its Services at the highest level, taking into account all the criteria for environmental conservation and energy saving. The company is committed to providing the highest standards of technology and professional staff whether it is at home or work.

Our Vision and Values

WFS has developed a culture based on strong vision and a set of values which puts people first to ensure the healthy environment and safety of the community as a whole during the performance of its work on environmental protection.
Developing the company's staff in conjunction with the rapid developments we are undergoing through the continuous training of our staff in all areas of services we offer.
Contribute to all forums of the state to raise awareness of the community of the importance of maintaining cleanliness, which reflects the cultural appearance of the state and its development.
Respect is one of our core values and this includes making equality central to our activities. We are committed to ensuring that our practices are fair and accessible to you, our people and the diverse society we work in.

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Modern Bedroom
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