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Hard Services

We provide Hard Services to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of your employees, customers, and tenants, adhering strictly to the laws placed by the State of Qatar. We want to make sure that these aspects are covered through methods of reactive maintenance, preventive maintenance, and predictive maintenance.

HVAC Systems

We intend to monitor, track, and maintain the HVAC systems of our clients, providing preventive and corrective services such on: chillers & cooling systems, heating systems, water treatments, air quality, ventilations, AC services, AC cleaning, integrated control systems, etc.


Building Systems

We intend to monitor, track, and maintain the numerous systems in place within our clients' buildings, providing servicing on: light fixtures, switch gear systems, building management systems, lightening protection systems, generators and power systems, fixed wire testing, emergency response systems, etc.


Plumbing Systems

We intend to monitor, track, and maintain the plumbing systems of our clients' building(s), ensuring maintenance are done on: water tanks, drainage systems, hot and cold water systems, pumps (water feature, irrigations, heaters, sewage, etc), and sanitary systems.


Fit Out & Project Management

We intend to provide fit out interior design services and project management to our clients, ensuring that our provision and work are in line with their vision. This includes: carpentry, painting, masonry, partitions, signages, locksmithing, doorways, interior design, ceiling repairs and redesign, and other minor works that are required.

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Let's Work Together

Let us know if you're interested in having us become a part of your team! Contact us!

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